3 Bathroom Trends And Ideas Popular In Atlanta Homes

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Newer bathroom that uses the bathroom trends and ideas popular in Atlanta

The three popular bathroom trends and ideas for Atlanta include new ways to use tiles, tubs, and lighting for a better bathroom experience.

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Planning Ahead

What are you looking at over there, Will?” asks Jessica.

A surprise,” he answers. Jessica rolls her eyes and smiles. “You know I hate surprises, Will. Please just tell me.” Will smiles and shakes his head.

Jessica lunges for the phone, grabbing it from his hands. “Aha! Wait, bathroom trends and ideas?” she says in confusion. Will sighs and hangs his head. “I was going to surprise you with some ideas for remodeling our bathroom.”

Jessica gasps. “Really?! Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. That’s so sweet and thoughtful and wonderful. Here, keep going, I’m sorry.”

Will smiles a little. “It’s alright. Now that you know, want to look with me? You know more about the costs to remodel a bathroom so you can make the plans more realistic for our budget.” Jessica nods and sits next to him.

After searching for a while, here are 3 trends they decide to use:

Bathroom Remodeling Trends And Ideas

Three popular bathroom remodeling trends and ideas include partially tiling walls in a non-wet area, bringing in a freestanding tub, and using integrated lighting. These three bring a more modern feel to bathrooms.

1. Partially Tiling Walls In Non-Wet Areas

Tiling up parts of the walls that don’t get wet is a new bathroom trend.

Partially tiled bathroom walls

It can provide a more uniform look for your bathroom. People enjoy the tile look and the more of it the better. It doesn’t have to cover half the wall either. It can just come up to a picture rail or chair rail.

2. Freestanding Tubs

These are making a comeback in Atlanta.

Freestanding bathtub as a new bathroom trend and idea

Freestanding tubs gave way to shower-tub combinations. Now they’re separating again, which shows that some things never go out of style.

3. Integrated Lighting

No more having to change lightbulbs?!

New bathroom with integrated lighting

Integrated lighting means the bulbs are a part of the object itself. This is great with LED lights because they last for decades. It’s a great way to save money and the environment.

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“The integrated lighting looks so good! And there are so many ideas you can do with it,” Will points out. “Let’s see what else we can find out about bathrooms,” suggests Jessica.