The Truth On How Much A Quality Bathroom Remodel Costs In Atlanta

Find Out How Much People Are Investing In Their Bathrooms Remodels Near You

Bathroom remodeling costs are worth it when your bathroom looks this good

How much a bathroom remodel costs depends on what you want. The average cost of a bathroom model in Atlanta is around $42,000.

Find out the high-end and low-end price ranges below-

The Last Drop!

“That’s it! This is the drop that breaks the bucket!” Will bursts from the bathroom.

Jessica’s face lifts in surprise and she walks over to see what’s going on. “Is everything alright?” she asks.

Will sighs and wipes his face. “Well, seems like we have a moisture problem in here, along with the outdated look.” Jessica twists her ring back and forth over her finger. “Guess we should start looking for bathroom remodelers near us, huh?”

Sketching a bathroom remodel as it comes to life

Will nods excitedly. “I think it’d do us a lot of good. This is where we basically start and end our day. It should be relaxing, not frustrating.”

“You’re right. Let’s start looking at remodeling our bathroom,” Jessica agrees. She whips out her phone and starts looking up how much a bathroom remodel costs in Atlanta on Google.

After searching, here is what she shows Will:

Bathroom Remodeling Costs For Atlanta

The average cost to remodel a bathroom in Atlanta is around $42,000. On the low-end, it’s about $15,000 to $35,000. Remodeling a bathroom with the highest quality materials ranges from $65,000 to $90,000 and higher. It depends on job complexity, size, and material quality.

Modern bathroom remodels like this cost as much as you want to put into it

Factors Causing The Cost To Change

The amount you’ll invest will change depending on how complex the job is.

Part of this is size. Larger bathrooms need more materials. Smaller bathrooms can be harder to work in which can increase labor costs.

Bathroom remodeled with natural stone look white cabinets and bathtub

Sometimes damages can be found when starting a bathroom remodel. This is mostly due to water damage. These need fixing first, which will increase your bathroom remodel cost.

The more you want to do, or the bigger the remodel, the more of an investment it’ll take. Replacing the tub with a bigger shower, installing heated flooring, and other big changes will increase costs.

The overall cost mostly comes down to what you want for your bathroom. This includes materials.

Sketching a bathroom remodel as it comes to life

Higher-end materials like natural stone cost more at first. But, they usually look better and last longer than lower-quality materials.

The lower-quality ones can be made to look like natural stone and other high-quality materials. They do tend to wear down faster. This means taking the time to fix or replace them more often.

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“Awesome, we just took our first step to remodel our bathroom!” Will says happily. Jessica smiles. “This feels great! Let’s see what else we can find on this website.”